What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

by admin on July 23, 2012

Health experts have always advised us from time to time that we all need a good night’s rest. Adequate sleep rejuvenates our bodies and mind and helps to shield us from stress and other related ailments. Adults should sleep for a minimum of seven hours per night. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep has a way of affecting our concentration span, emotions and even our reasoning capacity.

Insomnia and restless nights have a variety of causes with the most common underlying issue being the quality of the mattresses. Many are the times we fail to notice that our mattresses are the reason we are constantly tossing and turning during the night.

However, this problem can be countered by the use of Visco Elastic Memory Foam also commonly known as NASA Memory Foam. This invention caused a stir in the bedding, healthcare and orthopaedic sectors, since a product, such quality had been highly anticipated. This mattress traces its roots back to NASA where it was originally designed for use by astronauts. Its features would help the astronaut’s body defy the pressure exerted on their bodies by the gravitational force during launching and re-entering earth’s atmosphere.

It is therefore important that we understand its key features. The memory foam mattress foundation has been designed with a unique open cell structure rarely found in a traditional mattress. The open cell structure is sensitive to changes in your body heat and weight. The foam adjusts its mould to ape the exact shape of your body in order to maximise comfort. This plays a key role in bringing relief to the major pressure points in our bodies hence its wide use in most health centres.  By maintaining the different parts of our bodies in a comfortable position, this saves us any discomforts. These discomforts may range from headaches, stiff necks, numbing of arms, ribcage pains, curvature of spine (kyphosis), sore ankles and many more diseases.

A recent survey showed that the mattress is more common in the U.S market. It is therefore important we sensitise information regarding this wonder mattress to the other people living in other continents. Use of this product may help you save some of the money you spend as you seek for medical attention. For those who are planning to purchase the product, you should be armed with basic information regarding what to look out for when buying.

These products come in a variety ranging from the memory foam mattresses, cushions, pillows and overlays. When buying, you need to be familiar with the recommended quality, depth and density. The common dimensional measurements for the mattress vary, with 1” to over 5” for depth, 2 lbs to over 5 lbs for density per cft. These dimensions also apply for the pillows and overlays. However, research carried out shows that for optimum comfort, specific measurements are recommended. The most suitable size for a mattress would be 2.8”/7 cm for the depth and 4 lbs/60 kg per cft for the density.  These measurements are also recommended for frequently used pillows, cushions and overlays.

You should also know that the prices for the commodities vary depending on the size; the bigger the size the higher the price. Furthermore, a depth that exceeds the recommended height may compromise your comfort since you will sink deeper into the mattress. The box spring foundation for memory foam mattress should be flat. If the box spring surface is uneven, this will prevent the memory foam mattress from providing you with an aligned surface to lie on. This in return may cause discomfort. It is advisable to then use a spring free foundation that is completely flat at the same time. This will spare you any body aches.

You should also be aware of imported memory foam products from the Far East countries. These products are very cheap though of a low quality. Purchasing these products may end up being a waste of your resources since they are not any different from the common mattresses.

As you make your way to the local distributors to buy yourself a memory foam product, remember to look out for all the features mentioned. Before selecting a brand, ensure its quality has passed the quality control standards.

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